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 Positions & Descriptions

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Chief - Confident, intimidating and powerful are just a few words to describe the characteristics needed for a chief canine to watch over the pack. These wolves are responsible for every decision, planning and pack law for all the members. Their guidance is what keeps the pack thriving and surviving for another day. Chieves can also be considered as an alpha role.

Deputy - The right hand man and a shadow figure to the chief. Wolves honored to have this title must have nearly the same qualities of the chief. Usually the most trusted to the chief, they are often sought after for advice or special missions. Deputies are allowed to take charge with the absence of the chieves. In some situations, the deputy may be allowed to become the next chief if the chief either steps down or passed suddenly.

Guardian - The defenders and protectors to everyone within the pack. These special canines are usually large in size and have experience in the battle field. Responsible for keeping outcasts and stranger wolves out of the territory or whatever other task the chief calls upon them for. Guardians must be ready to lay their own lives down for the sake of the others within the pack.

Hunter - These wolves are highly trained and experienced in catching prey. Usually fast on their feet and senses constantly on alert, they are what keeps the pack from starving. Whether it be a single hunt for a simple prey animal such as a hare, these wolves can either hunt alone or take others. Though it is advised that these canines take more hunters to join in slaying larger, more powerful prey.

Envoy - Scouts or spies. As quick as the hunters, these wolves have decided to use their speed and agility in order to go out before the others to make sure the area is safe. Sometimes, they will be sent to other territories to speak with the allie or neighboring pack if need be. Taller yet, with just as much muscle as the guardians, the envoys are truly built for their job. Envoys can also assist the hunters in scouting out the perfect meals or the guardians in learning the enemies location. These wolves are often responsible for marking the territory border.

Shaman - Herbs are the calling for the shamans. These wolves specialize in healing the wounded or sick. They are vital members to any pack and are greatly appreciated by everyone. They are able to track out plants that others usually walk right past.

Juvenile - Wolves under the age of one year. They are the puppies to the members unable to be trained due to age for the rank their parents or chief chooses for them. After becoming a yearling, they will begin training under a mentor for their upcoming role within the pack.

Elder - Any wolf that either is too old or critically injured may retire. Though, not necessarily always an old canine, these wolves are sought after during needed times of guidance by the chief as they tend to be more experience then those of the higher rank. They are not required to hunt, protect, heal or scout any longer. Enjoying life and relaxing is all that is required here.

Outcast - Those that have not been accepted into the pack are considered to the outcasts. Often they are found by a scout and brought to the leaders or are driven out by the guardians. Though, sometimes pack friends can be found outside of the turf.
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Positions & Descriptions
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